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OUR HISTORY: In 1995, we started our business strongly entrenched in the construction industry in Columbus, Ohio. As Dandy Products grew, our patent list did as well, and we concentrated on developing the most complete line of inlet protection products in the world. 

We began to realize our dream of leading the industry in storm water management in 2002, when we created a partnership with Mirafi Construction Products, a worldwide leader in the manufacture and distribution of industrial fabrics and construction products. This partnership gave us a nationwide network of hundreds of distributors to respond to the growing need for erosion and sediment control products that can meet continually increasing regulatory requirements.

At Dandy, we pride ourselves on making every job you have to deal with easier, and handled in the most efficient manner. From your first call to your final installation, You Can Count on Dandy Products To Deliver.

At Dandy Products we are proud to ensure that:

  1. Dandy products work
  2. Dandy products meet regulatory requirements
  3. Dandy products are inexpensive
  4. Dandy products are easy to get
  5. Dandy products are easy to use