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Home Construction Cleanup Checklist

Posted by: Seo User on 12/6/2015

Construction industry, as everyone knows, offers the best and yet the hardest opportunities but at the same time the most challenging job available especially for commercial cleaner. Not only that, construction site clean-up projects and activities can be proved as one of the most profitable aspect of commercial cleaning business if it is properly organized and structured.

Take note, new construction clean up and even the existing cleaning jobs are available anywhere. But then job is not until cleaning is over!! Thought the workers and contractors are already exhausted after a long day of constructing and building establishments and houses, still it is their responsibilities to clean up the area. For small project, this isn’t a big deal. But for big projects, it is. Just imagine you’re going to deal with the dirt, trash, dust, scuff marks, stickers, smudges, and all other mess around the area. It is not easy at all especially when you’ve already used your energy all day long.

So, it is better to prepare a checklist to ensure that you don’t forget anything in cleaning up after you’ve renovated or constructed something. This will further save you from so much stress and work for yourself.

Construction site clean-up checklist:

For general cleaning up

• Cleaning of the wall that includes dust ,dirt, scuffs and smudges • Dust ceiling as well as ceiling fan • Cleaning of the trim, baseboard, window frames and door frames • Mantels, dust handrails, and other various woodwork • Cleaning of the sides and top of doors • Removing of any paint, mud and even the debris found from hinges • Cleaning of the interior masonry such as brick, rock, and marble and so on. • Vacuum carpeting or simply taking care around the edges • Cleaning of the floor that includes buffing, waxing, sealing and etc. • Cleaning of windows whether it is glass, tracks or frame and removal of any stickers • Cleaning of light fixtures and bulbs • Cleaning of electrical switches and outlets • Removal of floor vents so you can vacuum ducts • Cleaning of inside closet , inside cabinets and on the top of shelves • Removal of drawers and clean underneath • Cleaning of blinds/shutter • Removal and disposal of the trash • Removal and disposal of any protective films

For entry and exits

• Cleaning of doors • Vacuum and dust entryway • Sweeping and cleaning of the porch • Cleaning of the threshold • Cleaning of the exterior lights and removal of stickers • Pressure was driveways, porch deck and etc.

For the kitchen

• Vacuum, dust and cleaning of shelves and drawers • Cleaning of the cabinet doors, tops of the cabinet glass etc • Scrubbing of back splashes, countertops, and edges • Dust mop walls and floors • Cleaning of excess caulking, adhesive and debris from sink/faucets • Cleaning of appliances inside and out • Removal of all packaging, plastic, labels, etc and throwing it away For Bathroom • Cleaning of cabinets inside and out • Cleaning of the excess caulking, adhesives and debris from sinks/faucets • Cleaning of toilets • Removal of any sticky materials from bathtub, toilet, sink etc • Removal of all packaging, plastic, labels and throwing it away

While this may not cover every single possibility of things that needed to be cleaned, including the construction site cleanup process for building the home, it should cover the important parts and leave the house a lot cleaner than when you first began.

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    • Feb 08 2016, 10:22 AM James Bergman
    • Cleaning up after new construction or a remodel is hard work. It is amazing how much dust gets everywhere, and how much trash you end up with. I think the best way to clean up is to just make sure you do as much of the clean up work as you go. Make sure all of the large trash is in the dumpsters and then start at the top and clean on your way down. I would recommend using a swiffer type mop to clean the dust off of the walls.

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