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Tips for Finalizing Any Construction Project

Posted by: Seo User on 6/14/2016

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A big issue when it comes to construction safety is clean up after the site is done. Even small construction sites can end with a gigantic mess – the entire industry is a messy one.

Construction Site Prep

Before you even begin cleanup, or even construction for that matter, filter out the sediment from the drainage using an inlet filter, a filter bag, a curb bag, or another device or sediment trap.

General Cleanup

First, start with general cleanup. In freshly built buildings, residential or commercial, clean and scrub walls, ceilings, appliances, trims, base boards, doors, windows, pretty much every single surface. This will keep any harmful materials from affecting any later occupants.

  1. Dust as well, because construction has a tendency to build up dust everywhere that it can. This can be very detrimental to health later. Make sure to check the tops and undersides of doors and hinges for dirt or debris, or even any extra paint that could be leftover so that it can be removed in a timely manner.
  2. If there is any interior masonry, it is vital to construction site safety that it is cleaned properly before you continue on to the next order of business. .
  3. Vacuum or sweep any carpets or tiled flooring, and make sure to remove any pain splatter or scuff marks on the floor.
  4. Wipe off the faucets and knobs, and especially any electrical switches or outlets, as any built up dust can be a later fire hazard.
  5. For doors and hinges, make sure to clean properly so that everything opens and closes how it is designed.
  6. Sweep and clean the outside decks and porches, as well as the driveway and garage spaces.
  7. Pressure washing is recommended, to make sure that any harmful substances are removed.
  8. Clean all appliances, and then make sure there is no excess caulking or leftover dust to be concerned about, as well as making sure to remove any plastic or labels.


It is also recommended to look into state mandates and professional cleaners to make sure that you are presenting a site and building that is toxin-free and ready to be used as what it was intended for. This can save you headaches later by helping you to avoid fines, lawsuits, and angry clients.

Overall, just make sure to remove any dust or sediment from the area, avoiding letting it wash into the surrounding water or environment, and make sure to scrub everything down to keep any harmful chemicals from affecting the later occupants.

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