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Dandy Products - Who are we and why should you care

Posted by: Dan Cleveland on 10/22/2009

Who are we and why should you care?

Well, I’m guessing you’re here for a reason.  You did a Google search for a solution to a problem or you were referred by another site.  Either way... welcome my friend.  We’re glad you’re here.

If you’re serious about storm water protection and sediment control – you’re at the right place!  I’m Dan Cleveland, President of Dandy Products – why should you listen to me?  My team and the sediment control solutions we provide are personally responsible for helping “construction companies” SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN FINES every year.  As a matter of fact... we helped folks all over the world get a handle on storm water runoff  problems and inlet pollution problems by teaching them how to leverage our patented line of products TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT... and quite frankly... their butts – before it ever gets too late. 

Our solutions and team of experts ARE LIKE NO OTHER in the industry and our clients tell us we’ve set new standards and BMP’s for proven, cost-effective and reliable sediment control.  We continue to help folks every day and there’s no doubt in my mind – WE CAN HELP YOU TOO!  Try us out.

That’s a little about us.

Why did I decide to create the Dandy Blog?

I created this blog to remain in constant touch with you.  We have hundreds of customers all over the world and it’s been my dream to one day create a community of like-minded specialists in the field, a resource for anyone in our industry to get information & answers and to share ideas. 

It is my hope that the Dandy Blog fosters a community to do this.  The Dandy Blog will also be a forum to discuss our solutions in more detail.  We’d like to know more about your success stories, BMP’s, best practices that you have had success with, issues and problems with sediment control in general and what we can be doing better.    I’m in the trenches everyday and I speak to folks about their challenges to learn more about what we can continue to do to help. 

Feels free to reach out to us as needed.  This post will be a featured post, so you can comment here whenever you like.  Of course as we get going, we’re going to provide you with useful content... so please check back often.  Thanks again!

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