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Over 14 years of Sediment Control Solutions and Inlet Protection Expertise!

 Are you constantly battling the elements and dealing with sediment control and filtering issues at your construction site?  Need a safe and reliable curb inlet filter or storm grate protection solution?

Dandy Products provides eight leading solutions for all of your sediment control and inlet protection needs.  All Dandy Products put safety first.  Sediment is the number one water quality pollutant originating from construction sites. When you try a Dandy Product, we know you’ll be able to see the difference right away.

Constructions Site Cleanup, Construction Site Safety and Containment

While most of us do realize the importance of construction site cleanup - keeping a project clean is absolutely critical. Construction site safey starts with protecting the environment and the surrounding neighborhood. A trashy jobsite leads to mistakes, accidents, injuries, pollution, poor performance and low morale of trades, increased costs and failure of inspections.  Our vast distribution network allows us to find any product you need and get it on site quickly, affordably, and in full compliance. You’ll get the support you’ve been looking for when you order from Dandy. 

We offer products and expertise in the following areas: 

Superior Inlet Protection Filters and Sediment/Erosion Control Products 

Each of these products controls the amount of silt, sediment and construction debris to varying degrees and filters them out of storm water systems.

  • Dandy Bag – to be used with flat grates and mountable curbs
  • Dandy Curb – a curb inlet filter for curb and median inlets without grates
  • Dandy Sack – designed to hang underneath a storm grate
  • Dandy Curb Bag – a curb inlet filter for use on curb and gutter inlets
  • Dandy Curb Sack - a curb inlet filter for use on curb and gutter inlets
  • Dandy Pop – a pop up design that is used with field grates

Dewatering Solutions 

Designed to control sediment discharge in dewatering applications where water is being pumped.

  • Dandy Dewatering Bag – Capture sediment and debris while dewatering. Suspended solids are allowed to settle out of the slowed flow and are captured by the bag.

Oil Contamination Skimmers 

Designed to “skim” and absorb oil from contaminated water

  • Dandy Skimmer - The oil absorbent material inside the skimmer easily captures the oil – permanently and continuously.