Dandy Skimmer

Prevent Oil Contamination, Permanently and Continuously

Oil contamination causing you a headache? May we suggest Dandy Skimmer. It has it all. Measuring 22" x 14" x 2", this uniquely designed screen pillow is filled with a polymer absorbent that has not one but two attached floatation devices. The oil absorbent material inside the skimmer easily captures the oil – permanently and continuously. We all know how difficult oil can be, but the Dandy Skimmer can handle the worst of it. 

Get Maximum Benefits with Dandy

  • Unique polymer absorbent bonds the oil to the polymer matrix and will not release hydrocarbons 
  • Floats on the surface, continuously absorbing oils 
  • Removes oil permanently 
  • Design allows long-term exposure to oil-contaminated water for maximum absorption 
  • Will not create ponding or clogging due to sediment

Installation and Maintenance Guidelines


  • Remove the grate from the catch basin and stand on end.
  • Attach the Dandy Skimmer to the grate with supplied tether.
  • Lower skimmer to catch basin and replace grate back into frame, making sure the tether is attached.


  • Replace the Dandy Skimmer with a new one when completely saturated with oil.
  • You will know when to replace, when the polymer in the skimmer has hardened into a solid.

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